Children of Iraq and weapons of plastic

Our children and the apple of our eyes and plastic weapons in recent
Availability, which we see in all the shops, or rather swept all

Toys, useful and which has become our children these days, especially

Festivals and events are not only acquiring weapons that are plastic

Evidence of violence found in Iraq Venhdhir fathers and mothers only

Claim to buy their children because of the many disadvantages relative to the benefits
Fdma see them play with them and Isoponha to one another, they seriously
Somewhat, especially on the eye was me pause when the eye doctor when
I saw a terrible scene at the eye doctors because of these weapons, not just
This, but they also lead to manslaughter by our troops or
U.S. forces so we see many of these incidents, especially in our country
We see a lot of advertising from our government in the streets and newspapers
Warns parents make their children bore them, why publish these ads
If you could prevent them from entering into our country?? We do not know the answer or
Know the answer, but many of us can not say what is inside
Or speak freely for fear for our country, why not fund collected from the entry into
Is it because the country does not know the disadvantages to our children and because
Their children are not acquiring such things Nira they Snfona teams
Layers made it intentionally or intervention and with the agreement of them with the
Responsible when they are imported into the country Vnicolha over and over again that God
With us on the oppressors who know themselves

We ask God to fit their situation and empower them on their faith

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