How much of the rest of our lives we spend Baltabor

Not tired of our people to spend time Baltabor how ants from standing in the queue if it is the reason our lives all that we went to apply for the work of what we see queues crowded to both, and when Okamalna to us, or rather if Akmlnaha feel that they Akmilo number they want to relatives only, and Gold tired vain scattered not this time that goes from us constantly is the time of the gold, you see a lot of them who in the late age or in the prime of life and standing in the queue not able to increase the staff working to speed up the work people or do not have enough money or if the state budget is not sufficient to Othaz necessary and when asked where is the state budget will be addressed by one of the same, either not comment or we work for the reconstruction of the country where is the age done to the country Do not you see me that each new day passes us is worse than its predecessor as you can see the living image of the reality of our people and are in line You know This circuit, which is considered one of the most important government departments have no place to complete its work and started working after that was able in one Almndmat because they have no safe place to be provided to citizens where is our government of this and that not able to build real estate safe for providing to the citizens who paid the blood to stand this country on his feet again, but for the more powerful to speak with everyone busy embezzling funds on their behalf and to think exclusively how to make great-grandchildren living of our goods that will rob us day after day ...
Let us proceed to build the country and get to what they have changed from science and evolution

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