Proliferation of taxis on the streets

 Saw our cities in this period the spread of taxis on the streets of all kinds and year of manufacture, which 
If you become more than private cars every man of us, whether borrowed from his predecessor 
State or borrowed money from parents bought Fterah taxi Nhjo who we do not cause living 
Only on taxis, but you see a lot of people are not a people in need for this to work as 
State or the police, who earn salaries from several quarters you see them scattered in the streets do not 
Know what is the reason why it is due to spend their leisure time??? Why, my brother, the employee there are ways 
Several to spend your spare time because we know a lot of taxi drivers is the source of their livelihood 
Why only deprive them of this or is it deliberately by some people and as you know at this time 
How recent increased the salaries of staff to both .. 
It not right to throw all the blame on our good but they can pass a resolution to prevent 
Staff all the state departments or who are paid from different bodies to prevent them from working in 
This area of work and allocation of taxis for the unemployed or they are busy only in how 
Stealing people's money and get away with it, you see a lot of state officials have bank accounts in the States 
European imaginary numbers of them where this money Is not this our right to pay the blood Senna 
To build a home ... 
We ask God to grant us victory over the iniquities and eat right

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